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From our founder

When I was a kid, I played way too many video games. My friends and I would traipse over to each other’s houses and game late into the night. It was exhilarating!

With my passion for computers, I took Computer Science as a subject for Matric. Alas, the lessons were dull and tedious. The warm, musty smell of CRT monitors and the monotone of the teacher’s voice performed a reverse alchemy—turning what should have been a golden subject into boring, stagnant lead.

I went on to study a science degree at UCT and became a teacher.

In my first years of teaching, I brought the excitement of technology to my students. My kids would RUN to IT class, wildly excited for their lesson, their faces aglow.

I believe that kids love technology for a reason.

They sense the power and creativity in the world of bits and bytes.

But we don’t harness their passion properly. We make it too easy to spend hours passively gaming or watching TikTok and we make it too hard for them to create and build with technology.

RocketHour is here to fix this.

With RocketHour, you’ll be surprised by the creativity and ingenuity your children will show. Kids will build apps, and games, and solve challenging real-world problems.

Kids were always capable of this. But schools don’t offer the right level of challenge. Here’s the RocketHour method: Fun, engaging problems where kids work alongside classmates from around South Africa while learning critical problem-solving skills that prepare them for the real world.

We parents had to face the realities of post-varsity life to recognize how school failed to teach us about problem-solving. RocketHour fixes that.

RocketHour unlocks your child’s confidence in their creativity and problem-solving abilities to prepare them for life, school, and science. Hundreds of parents—whose testimonials line this page—will tell you their stories with awe.

Course information

Required Age

Turning 8 in year of registration

Weekly Timeslot

3:30pm, 4:30pm or 5:30pm (SAST)

Lesson Length

60 minutes once per week

Weekly Extension

Up to 60 minutes (optional)

Next Intake: August 2024

How kids become the world's best problem solvers

Expert mentors

Kids hone their skills with tailored feedback and guidance. Kind, skilled tutors take them to the next level.

Real-life challenges

Kids dive into fun projects that confront them with real challenges. They learn critical thinking and problem-solving.

Share the journey

Kids work alongside peers from all over South Africa. They learn to support each other on their technology journey.

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The right tools for the job

We use popular industry software to teach our students universal coding and logic concepts that can be applied to any programming language.

We won Nedbank Ignite 2022

*we rebranded to RocketHour in 2024.
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